Hiking in Ikaria

We have a long hiking tradition in Ikaria. People always and now use their feet to cross long distances across the island - one of the main reasons why we Ikarians live so long.

Ikaria, an island with a very diverse landscape, from East to West, offers besides its remarkable beaches, a mountainous terrain that reaches an altitude of 1000 m. It's ideal for mountain hiking and exploration, the nature that surrounds the rocky slides is genuine Mediterranean full of pines and other trees.

-You can choose between a long walk and a trip to our hospitable villages.

-You can ramble in Halaris Gorge following the marked paths and enjoy the natural beauty of the island.

- You can relax at the marvelous beaches and the sandy or rocky seashores and you can enjoy swimming in the crystal clear water of the Ikarian Sea, under the hot Ikarian sun.

- A visit at Therma, the ancient spa, will revitalize your body.

- You can also admire a fantastic sunset from the archeological site of Nas or from the ancient castle in Drakano.

- Finally, do go to one of our famous feasts, where you can drink the special wine which Homer called “Pramnios oinos” and where you can dance the traditional Ikarian dance.

All the above on the condition that you will respect and love the place, so that the natural environment of the island remains unchangeable. The island’s rare fauna and flora are protected by the “Natura 2000” project.


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